Monday, July 23, 2007

An Apology for Jurisdiction and Limited Government

This was my response to comments that, to paraphrase, the World would end as we know it if Ron Paul became President. I feel that its subject matter requires repetition:

I see a lot of people on this site who are completely ignorant of Jurisdiction. Why is everything this or that? If we operate on the premise that money corrupts politics, why do so many people think we should put all that money in one city to be spent? The corrupting special interests only need to fight one front. I would much rather give them fifty fronts to fight on so, at least as a last resort, I can move somewhere that doesn't have as much corruption. If you want subsidized health care, do it at the state level, I don't want an apathetic public only having one chance to get it right, based on the track record of government. California can be a socialist state, Mississippi can believe whatever the hell they want, or a Northwest state can be a Libertarian haven. What is wrong with choice? If you live in a state that I don't, what gives you the moral authority to dictate how my state operates on issues not pertaining to national defense, immigration, and INTERSTATE Commerce, and what the hell gives me the right to tell your state how to govern. This respect for jurisdiction then overflows to other nations, where we respect the sovereignty of other nations and our own. Admittedly Dr. Paul does not explain the importance of jurisdiction , nobody does, and that is a great disservice to all the Chicken Littles out there proclaiming that the sky would fall if he were President, the sky would only fall on the corrupt, because their Washington interests would become out of date, they would have to fight on fifty fronts, and states that excel at governing in a non corrupt fashion will become popular. Why do we want to limit ourselves to one chance to get it right, when we could have fifty? Until we finally come to a realization on the concept of a Limited Federal Government, we continue to punish well meaning citizens of many political ideologies by taking away their chance to get it right.

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