Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan

Sometimes when someone takes a hammer to the idols, it makes a rather unattractive clanging sound and leaves unsightly dents.  Especially when one swings wildly.  

On Piers Morgan's show last night Alex came on Fast and Furious with an attention span short enough to have any pill pushing doctor prescribing him with Adderall even though he is neither a teenager nor a child.  Here is a rundown of some of the highlights from the show:

0:30-1:03: Why does Alex Jones want to deport Piers?  Alex states, as he has repeatedly done before that it was to call attention that foreigners are calling for the disarming of the American people.  Alex then goes on to state that the only countries where they haven't taken the guns are the Swiss and the American People and that once they disarm the Americans they can start their world tyranny.

1:04-1:13: Alex then goes on to mention while the government, the media, and Hollywood are pushing for gun control, the government is arming itself to the teeth (1),(2).  He then touches on the expansion of paramilitary equipment and drones, including predator drones.

1:14-1:22: The 2nd Amendment isn't for duck hunting, its to protect us from tyrannical government.

1:23-1:35: Alex mentions the women in India that are arming themselves to protect themselves from rape.

2:09-2:15: "Hitler took the guns, Stalin took the guns, Mao took the guns, Fidel Castro took the guns, Hugo Chavez took the guns..."


3:02-3:22: "How about Prozac? You know the number, oh that's the big sponsor"..."In the US the number 1 cause of death is now suicide..."

4:28-4:31: "They arrest people in England if they defend themselves.  That's on record."

4:22-4:54: Alex then talks about Piers Morgan's potential reasons for fleeing the UK and proceeds to call him "a hatchet man for the NWO."

4:57-5:02: Alex challenges Piers to a boxing match.  Not sure what that was all about.

6:50-6:53: "Because there's criminals I don't lose my rights Piers."

8:47-8:56: Makes the Sandy Hook/Jaws analogy where media hype can cause individuals to be scared of dying in ways that are very rare.

9:39-9:55: Alex expands on media hype with mass shootings.

12:00-12:14:  Classic Alex Jones plug for infowars.

12:15-12:39: Not a highlight, but it devolves into a discussion of 9/11 at Piers request.

12:49-13:08 : Back to 9/11.

13:09-End: Alex mimics a British accent and starts talking about the Reichstag fire.

Following the segment with Alex, Piers brought Alan Dershowitz to defend him and serve as an expert on knife gun crime.  Piers was quick to point out that Alan Dershowitz once defended John Lennon, which is what Mr. Dershowitz is most remembered for.

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