Friday, April 6, 2007

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The American Conservative Magazine (Started by Pat Buchanan)

Deep Backround by Philip Giraldi (A former CIA Officer)

He did a small article, a few issues ago, that we were covertly funding and arming Fatah Militas sympathetic to Abbas, in order to combat Hamas in the Palestinian territories. Then about a week or two later stories start popping up in the MSM about new violence between Fatah and Hamas ended by a compromise between the two in the form of a unity government. I take this source to be credible, he has been pretty accurate on other articles. This is today's article:

Those who have harbored concerns that the new Democratic Congress would differ little from the Republican one on foreign policy have noted with dismay recent developments regarding Iran. On March 12, the Democratic Party leadership announced that it would decouple the issue of Iran from consideration of funding measures for the troop surge in neighboring Iraq. Opponents of possible military action directed against Iran sought specific language in the appropriation that would deny funding for military operations outside Iraq without prior congressional approval. The proposal seemed reasonable enough given the Bush administration's track record on the use of force, but apparently that was not acceptable to some Congressmen and lobbyists.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which was meeting in Washington for its annual conference, mobilized immediately, initiating an intensive lobbying campaign against the measure. AIPAC instructed its supporters to flood Congress with calls, adding that it is best to telephone just after lunchtime, when there are more staffers to answer the phone. Democratic Caucus Leader Rahm Emanuel, a congressman from Illinois who served in the Israeli Army, organized resistance to the measure from inside the House of Representatives, while Charles Schumer from New York did the same in the Senate. Emanuel promised that the offensive language would be dropped. The Democratic Party subsequently held closed-door meetings and decided to exclude Iran from the funding discussion because of "possible impact on Israel." Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, under intense pressure from AIPAC, initially favored linkage but reluctantly agreed that there was too much opposition to proceed. Congressman Gary Ackerman of New York stated that reluctance to be "taking things off the table" vis-a-vis Israel's security was the reason for the decision, especially "if you're trying to modify their behavior and normalize it in a civilized way." Ackerman's belief that a possible nuclear first strike is the height of civilized demeanor might be disputed, particularly as the lack of any legislative hurdle empowers woman Shelley Berkley of Nevada, citing "widespread fear in Israel about Iran," provided a groundbreaking definition for the word "negotiating," adding that the threat of an impromptu attack on Iran is the "most important negotiating tool that the US has..."

Separate bills introduced by Democratic Sen. Jim Webb and by Republican Congressman Walter B. Jones that would forbid military action against Iran without congressional approval are meanwhile languishing due to a lack of co-sponsors, while the mainstream media is also continuing to do its bit on Iran, as it did in the lead up to Iraq. Senator Webb's legislation, accompanied by lengthy floor speech, was tabled on March 5, but was not reported in either "newspaper of record," the New York Times or the Washington Post. Neither newspaper would respond to queries as to why Webb was considered unworthy of mention. And neither Webb nor Jones was receiving any support from their respective political parties in their efforts to stop another catastrophic war of choice.

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