Monday, April 9, 2007

Why are the Terrorists KILLING us?

Our main problems are the amount of foreign welfare we pump out of our country at the expense of the taxpayer and it is the world policing we have done, especially since the end of the Cold War, also at the expense of the taxpayer. When Bush campaigned he said he would advocate a "humble foreign policy" That is because us conservatives were sick of being the world's policeman, getting involved in conflicts we should have no part in. Of course when 9/11 happened we were shocked, but we should not have been if we would have just looked at what was happening in the world. We all underestimated both the cause and the effect.

All World Superpowers in history have experienced terrorism. All terrorists come from countries within their sphere of influence, of places they have intervened, and while usually those acts were confined to the countries of intervention, advances in travel and technology have come since Rome and Britain experienced terrorism when they were world superpowers. Now terrorism can happen more readily at the Superpower's home country. Terrorism is a symptom of empire. The only way to effectively eliminate foreign terrorism is to eliminate unnecessary government intervention abroad. The only way to effectively eliminate terrorism is reduce government intervention both at home and abroad. It should be reminded that Oklahoma City happened because of government intervention at home in the form of Ruby Ridge and Waco.

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