Thursday, April 5, 2007

Why Hugh Hewitt is an Establishment Parasite

Hugh Hewitt thought he was smart. He really thought people would see it his way. He ambushed Tom Tancredo in an interview with twisted logic and zealous fervor and made a HUGE ASS out of himself. Why? Because he has a boyfriend in the race, Mitt Romney. Romney is backed by Bush's backers, both fundraising and public relations, mainly through Jeb, just in case McCain stays steady. I had a Pro Romney commenter present the following oped from Newsmax the other day to justify Romney's "conservative" credentials. The "author" is Ronald Kessler. Who is Ronald Kessler? He wrote two fluff biographies for George W. Bush and Laura Bush.

Rudy doesn't have a chance in hell, and that is surprising considering he would have home court advantage. If neither Romney or McCain win, the party establishment will fall back on two CFR and AEI buddies, Fred Thompson or Newt Gingrich. Of course the CFR(PDF) is trying to push the SPP as a vehicle for the North American Union. Tom Tancredo and Our Next President, Ron Paul, are both fighting this theft of our sovereignty. That basically sums up why Hugh Hewitt is a parasite and why we must support FINANCIALLY either Tom Tancredo or Our Next President Ron Paul.

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