Saturday, May 5, 2007

New Campaign Tactics

Ron Paul...WOW...he has the same first name as Ron Reagan. You should definitely vote him for President based on this. I think this completely makes him electable.

I know it's shallow but I already tried explaining what conservative policy is and has historically been to a lot of fellow Republicans and they just aimlessly stare at me, shaking in fear that Muslims will be under their bed when we leave Iraq, especially when they have absolutely no clue why those Muslims hate us in the first place.

Somebody told them freedom was the reason why they hated us, so being the tough guys that they were they decided to show the terrorists we mean business and just disregard the Bill of Rights altogether, they told me I was letting the terrorists win because I dissented, and that I can't have the Bill of Rights if I'm dead, which is unfortunate because I apparently can't have the Bill of Rights when I'm alive either.

Then they told me that the reason the Muslims hate us is because they have lived under dictatorships and Democracy Spreading is the answer. I pointed out that while not a great system, our next unfortunate target, Iran did have eight candidates in their last election. They called the elections shams. I then remembered that they did have a despotic ruler and he was overthrown by the Islamic Fundamentalists, so there may be some truth to this. I then remembered how he came to power and they told me I hate America.

They then explained that at some level of the Iranian Military there was some kind of intelligence report that said they cooperated with the insurgents responsible for a certain percentage of the combat deaths. I asked them when we were going to attack the Saudi Royal Family as well. They said that I didn't have my facts straight.

A somewhat famous author named Dinesh D'Souza told me the reason the Muslims hate us is because of MTV, Hollywood, and our vile media. I can't see how he believed that the Twin Towers and the Pentagon symbolized our music and movies. I always found the Pentagon to symbolize our Military Policy and the Twin Towers to symbolize the way we do commerce but I guess I am just being a conspiracy theorist. He then cited three word phrases from Bin Laden's Fatwa. I then read Bin Laden's Fatwa.

Then a few of them told me that the Muslims wanted a holy war. Because 4,000 years after the earth was created Jesus arrived first and thus the Muslims hate being second place and wrong. I shook my head.

Finally, the other reason I used such a shallow tactic is that many of those same Republicans have been using, almost exclusively, looks as a justification for their candidate, usually Romney and Fred Thompson (CFR, AEI, China Commission). So I hope my attempt at benchmarking from other more popular campaigns will work and gain candidate Paul more support.


Anonymous said...

Well you got your work cut out for you. You can't think there arguments are hopeless.. Try for little victories.. if the war is a bad topic.. talk about the Federal Reserve and the system of debt we have.

Tell them Democracy is a bad thing.. thats its two wolves and a sheep deciding whats for dinner. Somebody always looses in a Democracy. The US *should* impose Liberty on the people of Iraq by leaving.. Liberty is a system where everybody wins.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul won the debate and anyone who watched the debate knows it.
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ABC tried to hide Ron Paul victory also:
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