Thursday, May 17, 2007

Amnesty for All?

To people who still support Bush, the "viable" Republican contenders running and not yet running, and the Republicans in Congress:

Apologize for Rockefellers and you get Rockefeller Republican policy. The Libertarians and Paleoconservatives are unreasonable? What did you think we have been complaining about? This President and many in Congress are not Conservatives, they have a track record on this and I hear is people call me liberal for criticizing them. The call us "losertarians", well your support for these people have caused us all to lose today. Keep it up and it will just get worse. All of you need to read Conservative writing and quotes from the early '90s because the current Republican talking points are completely different nowadays if you haven't noticed. See what people like Sean Hannity said about Kosovo. Savage said Clinton attacked to establish an oil pipeline. We complained about policing the world. We said we are just creating unnceccessary threats. We said you don't just go in with the military you have, you go in with the military necessary to win. You don't fight unnecessary wars but you don't fight on the cheap either. Fiscal matters had the upmost importance, now we have record debt. We wanted to eliminate departments and shrink government, it is the largest it has ever been. The Department of Education has doubled in size and the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT tests your children and forces your local schools to conform to THEIR STANDARDS. These are the consequences of centralization. The "viable" candidates support the Assault Weapons ban. The Republican Congress once had a surplus, not now. What are you guys making excuses for? I know you were all against amnesty, but when you have politicians that don't vote conservatively on the issues and "compromise" on a consistent basis, what is to be expected?

What do you do when their family members get amnesty too? What about all the people that will flood into the US now that passage is near? Bought and paid for in your wages and taxes. Sold to Congress with campaign funds from big donors with future "employment" opportunities. I am sure they are grateful for your generosity. Do you guys remember all the arm twisting and loosening of the rules for CAFTA? We will have a similar vote in the house. They need to punch this in before the election and they will. Who are you going to vote for, all the candidates that are deemed "viable" by the MSM and Talk Radio are for amnesty? The moderate Senator from Tennessee turned conservative savior, Fred Thompson, is an amnesty supporter. This is the kind of scum we are going to make the President? And they call Ron Paul supporters "kooks"? Get real, there is no way in hell I would ever support somebody who ignores the Constitution and such a fundamental Conservative position. How do you justify that?

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