Tuesday, May 15, 2007

FOXNEWS scared of Ron Paul???

Just follow these simple text message instructions to vote on who won the Republican Debate. I am pretty sure FOXNEWS knows the "internets" exist but for some unforeseen reason they decide not to have a poll that way.

Giuliani attacks Ron Paul when he states the fact of why they attacked us, what their recruiting slogan is. Playing the 9/11 card? Waving the bloody shirt? Well those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. First you lie about air quality at ground zero, then you attack Ron Paul when he says the truth to your face. After the the debate you say they hate us for our freedom? Where do you get that idea from Rudy...FOXNEWS?

Now FOXNEWS is already talking about slimming the field in future debates. Propaganda anyone?

Ron Paul is winning the prehistoric phone poll. Carl Cameron looks like a deer in headlights...probably wasn't this shaken up since they had him stop this investigation.

Duncan Hunter says that the terrorists should love us because we attacked Iraq and liberated Kuwait. Of course!!! We liberated Kuwait, all the despots that the terrorists love signed off on it, so all is well. The Saudis told Bin Laden to take a hike and he declared war on us. Guess Duncan didn't read the Fatwa either.

Beautiful, Ron Paul gives Hannity a history lesson. Ron Paul won on enemy territory. Too bad FOXNEWS doesn't have the fact checking section, it could get messy. You want to talk about 9/11 Rudy, lets talk, you want to pontificate about foreign policy, lets debate the facts. Just please don't send Bernie's goons after us.

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I already posted a short piece with links on why the terrorists are killing us a while back.


Daemion said...

That was a pretty contrived question. They knew Ron would tell the truth about why the terrorists hate the US in the first place, and of course Rudy acts like Al Qaeda's reasoning for attack of 9/11 on America was baseless.

The Saipan Blogger said...

If you are interested in some Ron Paul banners, I'm posted html code that can be easily pasted into a blog: