Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Putin Is Said to Compare U.S. Policies to Third Reich

If we continue to police the world, the opposition is not just going to be rag tag "terrorist" groups and third world nations, it is going to be Russia and China. Both have invested in Iran. We would be wise to consider that when we remind ourselves of how much of our debt China has bought up. Who thinks they might start dumping dollars if we mess with Iran. Not only that we will face a new front in "terrorism" when Shiite groups set their sights on the US. This is what I believe Putin's words are all about. He is telling the US to not to bomb their investment. We go into Iran and we may just start WW III on military and economic fronts with a heightened state of terrorism. Time for the Neocons and their sheep to wake up to these potential consequences.

Read the story here.

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