Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Ron Paul and the DC Madam

ABC "News", owned by Disney, who owns a 37.5% interest of A&E Networks, which owns the History Channel, is where many Americans learn their perception of history. First ABC whitewashes the whole DC Madam story when people with sensitive national secrets may have been running around with prostitutes. The use of prostitutes is a classic espionage and blackmail tactic. Those people should have their clearances pulled and be fired and ABC could have done this country a service but they covered it up yet again. Brian Ross is a disgrace to his country. Now ABC attempts to lie about Ron Paul's support. The comments are clear. The very reason the internet is exploding with support is because we cannot turn on our television and ever even hear our candidate's name unless it is mentioned in a list. We have to go to youtube, we have to go to myspace, we have to go to digg. We want coverage, but more than anything else we don't want the MSM to lie about our existence. The MSM is trying to pretend Ron Paul doesn't exist and that is expected, but when they try to pretend we don't exist, they crossed the line. We are not spam, we are American citizens that do not like the direction this country is going in and want real change and we find garbage that ABC calls "reporting the news" as nothing more than canned bullshit.

Hey ABC, Ron Paul supporters exist and so do the Washington Bureaucrats who may be compromising National Security that you are covering up for!!!

Let ABC know what you think of them.

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Mlle. Reiher said...

Ron Paul is gaining momentum. This is only emboldening his supporters, which is the good side of all of this.