Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Two People I Wouldn't Want as President

On Liberty and Freedom:

"We look upon authority too often and focus over and over again, for 30 or 40 or 50 years, as if there is something wrong with authority. We see only the oppressive side of authority. Maybe it comes out of our history and our background. What we don't see is that freedom is not a concept in which people can do anything they want, be anything they can be. Freedom is about authority. Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do," Rudolph Giuliani

"In reality, the more primitive a people is, the more it resents as an intolerable restraint any limitation of the liberty of the individual." Adolf Hitler

"A very large measure of individual liberty is not necessarily the sign of a high degree of civilisation. On the contrary, it is the limitation of this liberty, within the framework of an organisation which incorporates men of the same race, which is the real pointer to the degree of civilasation attained." Adolf Hitler

(Disclaimer: Now I hate to bring out the Hitler quotes but Rudy's quote reminded me too much of these Hitler quotes I found while researching gun control once. I am in no way trying to insinuate that Rudy will put us in concentration camps or anything of the like...but preemptive aggressive wars and oppressive laws are definitely possible.)

One last quote from Rudy:

"It's about time law enforcement got as organized as organized crime." Rudolph Giuliani


Brian said...

wow. that's frightening. thanks.

Where did you find that quote?

Paul Bronstein said...

The Rudy quote can be found many places on the web, mainly with the first part cut off. Just search for it. I know Sullivan's Daily Dish had the partial quote a few days ago. Somebody posted the partial quote in the digg comments for my Rudy:American Fraud piece and it sparked my interest.